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U352 History & Knowledge Workshop

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U352 History & Knowledge Workshop

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U352 History and Knowledge Workshop

In 1942, Operation "Drumbeat" saw multiple U-Boats right off the American Eastern Seaboard, where they wrought havoc on shipping so badly that victory during the war was placed in doubt. U-352 was part of the 2nd wave of those boats....

This PADI U352 Diver Specialty is only available at Olympus Dive Center

Course Curriculum:

·         Includes U-Boat 352 Student Guide (Olympus Exclusive).

·         Detailed workshop discussion of the U-Boat war in North Carolina waters.

·         Advanced dive planning concepts and contingencies concerning deep, off-shore wreck diving.


·         Must Be Advanced Open Water (AOW) certified (or equivalent)

·         Must be Enriched Air NITROX (EANx) certified (or equivalent)

·         Must be 15 years old

Class prices include:

·         All instruction and classroom materials

·         Distinctive Specialty Certification Card

Price Does Not Include:

·         Boat Charter, Scuba Equipment, Tanks, Etc.

Price: $245

For more information email Mike at training@olympusdiving.com

14 Jan 2023 | 8 | 8

Mike Muller (Teach-Boat)

Knowledge Workshop
Sat 14 Jan 2023
02 hours 30 minutes
25 Feb 2023 | 8 | 8

Mike Muller (Teach-Boat)

Knowledge Workshop
Sat 25 Feb 2023
02 hours 30 minutes

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