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USS Schurz Online

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USS Schurz History and Knowledge Workshop

Start Now - Finish Later!

This PADI USS Schurz Diver Specialty is only available at Olympus Dive Center.  This Online Workshop allows our divers to start their training now while confined to their homes.  This coursse will start with a Schurz Workshop Webinar.  We can mail the USS Schurz manual now or you can pick up when your dives are scheduled.  The USS Schurz dives will be scheduled at a later date.

Near the turn of the 20th Century, the USS Schurz began her sailing life as the SMS Geier for the German Imperial Navy.  This course takes you on a historical journey of the Geier/Schurz from first launch in 1894, her world-wide journey and eventual sinking during World War I (The Great War) off the coast of North Carolina near Morehead City.  After the workshop, student will participate on an instructor guided tour of the Schurz wreck.

Course Curriculum:

·         Includes USS Schurz Student Guide (Olympus Exclusive).

·         Detailed workshop discussion of the USS Schurz history and sinking in North Carolina waters.

·         Advanced dive planning concepts and contingencies concerning deep, off-shore wreck diving.


·         Must Be Advanced Open Water (AOW) certified (or equivalent)

·         Must be Enriched Air NITROX (EANx) certified (or equivalent)

·         Must be 15 years old or older

Class prices include:

·         All instruction and classroom materials

·         Distinctive Specialty Certification Card

Price Does Not Include:

·         Boat Charter, Scuba Equipment, Tanks, Etc.

Price: $235

For more information email Mike at training@olympusdiving.com

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