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Ship Wreck

James J Francesconi Tug

The James J. Francesconi Tug (JJF) is a popular inshore wreck.  The JJF is a 107 ft. US Army LT oceangoing tug boat sunk in May 2016 as an artificial reef in memory of James J. Francesconi, former director of the North Carolina Artificial Reef Program. This dive is loaded with aquatic life and is visited on our Half Day and Full Day Shallow Dive Trip.

  • Name: James J Francesconi Tug
  • Date Sank: May 16, 2016
  • Type: Tug Boat
  • Depth: 60 feet
  • Length: 107 feet
  • Penetration: Yes
  • Skill Level: Novice
  • Sharks: Rare

 JJF Tug Boat1