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Ship Wreck - Papoose (aka W.E. Hutton)

Sitting upside down in the sand, the Papoose is one of our most popular wrecks for seeing the current inhabitants, sand tiger sharks! Divers looking to penetrate may do so in several places and may work their way internally as far as the boiler room, however, penetration of this wreck is recommended for certified wreck divers only. The Papoose is a 412-foot tanker that was torpedoed by the U-124 on March 18, 1942. The ship is largely intact and rests upside down in 125 feet of water.This site is one of the most popular shark sites that we visit. On any given day, there are approximately 15-20 sand tiger sharks that inhabit the ship and surrounding areas, if not more! If sharks are on your list of things to see, this is the site for you!! This site is visited on our Full Day Dive Trip.

  • Name: Papoose (aka W.E. Hutton)
  • Date Sank: March 18, 1942
  • Type: Tanker
  • Depth: 120 feet
  • Length: 412 feet
  • Penetration: Limited
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Sharks: Yes, Sand Tigers