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Sharks: The Clock Is Ticking

This past summer Josh Childress, one of our Instructors had the opportunity to teach the distinctive specialty-Project Aware Sand tiger conservation course. Here are his thoughts on the experience: Sept 23, 2014 After a busy few weeks at Olympus Dive Center, I have had a […]

It's A Family Affair At Olympus Dive Center

Olympus Dive Center offers the PADI Junior Open Water certification starting at the age of 10. I was certified as a Junior Open Water diver and I am glad that I got started at such a young age. I was able to get much more […]

The Day I Sawfish At 220fsw - Olympus Dive Center

Technical diving has always been a very rewarding aspect of my career but recently I experienced something truly unique and a first for me underwater.  The beginning of March 2013 brought our annual Olympus Dive Center Tech trek to Key Largo, Florida.  We dove with […]

Underwater Obsessed: James J Francesconi Reef Project

Being underwater obsessed in North Carolina means also having a complete and total addiction for the magical lore and exploration of shipwrecks. North Carolina holds the brass porthole to some of the World’s best diving and marine life habitat areas. Our mysterious “Graveyard of the […]